PixelPerfect Cutouts: Our Full Review

If you have an idea how digital cutouts are made, then you probably have an understanding of the fact that it simply is a very tedious job. It takes a lot of time to accomplish, and even after you have finished erasing all of those edges around your subject, you will also have to work to make sure that everything comes off as well-polished. Now imagine all the time that you will need to spend if you need multiple cutout images; would you rather not just pay other people to do it for you? The good thing is that there always is a cheaper option to outsourcing right around the corner, as is perfectly illustrated by this $19 product from Max Rylski called PixelPerfect Cutouts.

Max’s latest product is a package of 500 cutouts images with transparent backgrounds. You can use these for practically any visual media project, and the attached commercial and developer’s licenses practically allows you to use these for your own graphic design services. This package will also come with 72 animated PowerPoint slides that will practically help you turn these images into videos that can easily engage your audience.

Max has scheduled the launch of PixelPerfect Cutouts to start today, October 30, 2020, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We will be keeping you posted with more information on this product and its features in a review that we are adding to this post not so long after the launch of this offer has come to a start. Bookmark this page if you are keen to know more about this new offer, and remember to come back for our full review which should be out this afternoon.

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