Partner With Tom Review: How Legit Is It?

The Offer Kings’ newest product Partner With Tom has launched today, the 28th of May 2013. This product is not something that you buy – it is a free offer that makes money by simply becoming a sort of affiliate partner for Internet marketer Tom Rockwell.

Did we just say free? Of course we did. This product only requires you to sign up and copy his step-by-step moneymaking program without paying anything. For this, you will be required to get a website through the website service provider

Here’s the catch though: the website from MyPartnerWebsite, said to be an optimized and content-rich site, costs $97. It guarantees a refund for unhappy customers, but as there is no third party payment processor that can keep track of the transaction, we have doubts that you can get your refund in full or in part. Presumably, this is where Tom gets his earnings from his product, leading us to conclude that this supposedly 100% ethical partnership employs a bait-and-switch tactic that will get your money nonetheless.

It also doesn’t help that you are required to get your site before you can completely acquire your copy of Tom’s step-by-step moneymaking secrets. It does raise plenty of red flags. We’re not saying that this offer is a complete scam, but rather, it’s an offer where you are at the losing end initially.

As for now, we can say that Partner With Tom is not a really wise buy. The “free” label may certainly entice you, but you shouldn’t place your trust and money on a vendor that’s vague on the product details and doesn’t have a sound refund policy.

If you are still interested in this product, keep your hands off your pockets for the mean time and wait for a future update of this review. We are currently testing Tom’s marketing method to see if it really works and will post our final verdict some time in the future. If you want to keep track of our progress, feel free to bookmark this page and keep coming back for the updates.



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