OmniBlaster: Software Reviewed

Literally blast away the competition with Victory Akpos et al’s brand-new OmniBlaster. Most online selling methods nowadays rely heavily on social media. Although this method is extremely effective as connecting to potential customers is easy, it has become overused. The large number of online marketers in social media has made it almost close to impossible for new online sellers to even establish a foothold in social media. All this is about to change once this online software product becomes officially available online on July 13, 2020.

Grab your own copy of OmniBlaster once it becomes available for purchase for as low as $29. The software claims to be capable of tripling your sales. This claim is supported by the software’s features of using the combined power of SMS, e-mail, and voice broadcasting. You can even automate these features by scheduling broadcasts. Plus, with its simple and easy-to-use user interface, even individuals who have trouble working with technology can easily adapt and use the software. All you have to do with OmniBlaster is to run the “tripling campaign” (SMS, e-mail, and voice broadcasting marketing), generate you landing pages with only one click in an instant, and start collecting your payments with the built-in PayPal checkout and watch as your leads grow nonstop.

The secret does not lie in being connected to as many users as possible, but rather with establishing as many connections as possible per user. OmniBlaster takes care of this with its simple but effective system, which all comes in one platform. If software products like this one interests you, be sure to save the page on your browser. We will soon be reviewing all the product’s features and will be posting a full and comprehensive article about it.

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