Offline Quiz Page Builder: Full Review

Quizzes make for a very engaging marketing tool, although it may take quite some effort to make one that’s not only challenging but also entertaining enough, and with a design that effectively hooks your audience to your offers. A good tool can make the whole thing a lot easier for you, and Internet marketer David Cisneros will be offering one that you might find yourself interested in. It’s called Offline Quiz Page Builder , and it will be out really soon.

This product is a quiz creation tool designed for local marketers. This tool creates quiz pages designed specifically for local clients; these are fully responsive landing pages that can work for practically any offline niche that are built in mere minutes. The software is browser-based, and is designed to work for both Mac and PC. The basic version of this product will be available for $17, and this will allow you to build up to 10 quiz pages. A premium version will be available for a yet unknown price as well, and it will allow you to build an unlimited number of pages.

Offline Quiz Page Builder will see launch on January 15, 2019. That will be Tuesday next week, and it will see launch on that date at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. If you are interested in this new product, we recommend that you bookmark this page and return right after the launch. By then, we will update this page with a full, comprehensive review, as well as some new, up-to-date information on this product.

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