NewsBuilder 2.0 Review: Is It Buyworthy?

There are a ton of ways to make money on the Internet, and one of those is running a site with monetized content. There are many ways to monetize content, but the thing is that you will need to come up with articles that people will actually read. Now you do not really need to create a number of articles on a daily basis for this to be possible. One of the best options you have in this regard is, in fact, curating news from various sources. This is easier said than done, so Amit Gaikwad, Anirudh Baavra, and Gee Sanghera have a new product that makes this task less difficult for you. Called NewsBuilder 2.0, this product is set to launch today, June 23, 2020, at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

This product is a WordPress theme and plugin that creates a self-updating and completely monetized news website that will earn you a passive income. It curates content from 128 news outlets and news blogs, and it comes with a very useful list-building feature. This theme and plugin combo will come with the traffic generation software TrafficPress, and it will cost $22.

NewsBuilder 2.0 will certainly be launching soon, and shortly after it goes live, we are going to have this post updated with a full review of the product. Now if you think this new offer has piqued your interest, there are two ways that you can go from this point: buy the product soon after it is out, or check out our review before buying. If you are going for the latter, we encourage you to bookmark this post and come back as soon as our review is up.

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