Vivek Gour’s MotoSupport: A Short Review

Vivek Gour will soon release a new product in the market. His product is called MotoSupport and it will be yours for the front-end price of only $47. This is the one solution for those businesses that need a support desk for their customers. Managing a support desk is quite tricky. You have to keep track of your operators, filter various tickets, be alert for any more problems from your consumers, and many more. It is a tedious task, but MotoSupport is not just any ordinary support desk.

This product is a stand-alone support desk allows you to manage your products with ease, and give each product a corresponding ticket so you no longer need to filter issues per product. MotoSupport also allows you to manage your operators and has a built-in operator performance analysis. In case you do need to find tickets, this product has a great ticket search engine as well as multiple filters and an auto-reply option. The product is also compatible with almost all autoresponders, and has integration with 20 autoresponders.

MotoSupport will soon launch on the 11th of April, 2019. It will go live on said date at around 10:00 EDT. This product sure interests us, and if you are as interested as us or badly need a support desk for your business, then remember to save this page and return shortly after the product has been released. By then, we expect to learn more about the product and will be updating this page with our full review.

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