A Quick Review of Mfy.im

Sandy Nayak is back with another amazing marketing product called Mfy.im. This product, once officially released, can be purchased for $27. Messenger is probably the one of, if not, the world’s top messaging platform. Literally billions of people use Messenger and almost everybody in the world has Messenger. This is the reason why online marketers are also using messenger to market products or services and prefer it over email. If you own a business and are tired of hearing about your competitor’s success while you are stuck in a rut, then this product is definitely for you.

Mfy.im is set to be officially launched on the 5th of July 2019 at exactly 11:00 EDT. Compared to email, the success rate of marketing with Messenger is unreal. This product will give you staggering results of 90% open rate, ease of use, and done for you notifications. If you think that all that is not too good, well get this: when using email the open rates can be around only 10%, it is difficult and time-consuming, and contains HTML nightmares.

Mfy.im has many features that allow you to dominate your niche and leave your competitors in the dust. These include Laser Guided Event-Based Targeting, User Property Based Targeting, Audience Segmentation, Simple Scheduling and Sequencing, Built-in Campaign Analytics, Customizable Messages, Trigger Powerful Widgets Auto-Magically, Tag Combinations and Suppression Tags, WP Plugin Integration, Automatic Segmentation Based on Behavior, Multiple Languages, and custom icons, emojis, images, and logos.

Messenger might as well replace email right now, and you have to prepare for it. Say goodbye to all the pain that emails have given you with the revolutionary Mfy.im. Stay in the loop by reading the latest news about this product with just a simple click on the bookmark button. Saving this site allows you to return to this page in a moment’s notice so you can read more information about this amazing product.

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