Will MemberZ Connect Work for You? A Review

Running a membership site is a very profitable business, especially since it can earn you a recurring passive income. Building a website, however, can be quite complicated for the average entrepreneur, much less one built to host multiple members and constantly provide them with something to justify their subscription. With this in mind, OJ James has created a new product that will help enterprising individuals create and run their very own membership sites, complete with e-courses for content. This product is called MemberZ Connect, and it will launch on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

This product is described as a multi-feature membership site builder and digital course builder. It only takes this new tool a few steps to build membership sites, courses, or other products that you can offer in your newly-created membership site. It also has features that let you backup and import membership data and generate users, orders, and reports; it also lets you block specific IP addresses as needed. What makes it stand out among other products in its niche, though, is its ability to let you license desktop software, web-based applications, WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes, on top of its membership and course creation features.

MemberZ Connect is going to come live on Saturday at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. This product will be initially available for $27, a price that will go up to $37 over the course of this launch, and it will come with commercial rights by default. If this new product piques your interest, we do recommend that you bookmark this post and return to this page soon after the product’s launch has started. We are updating this article by then with our complete and no-bull review of OJ’s latest offer.

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