What Makes Medieval Knights Coloring Pack Great? A Review

Publishing books is a great way to earn a passive income, and you can take it a notch further by adding low-content books or LCBs to your list. A staple in the print-on-demand market, LCBs can be anything from coloring books to children’s activity materials. Children, in particular, are the primary audience for such books, and they — and their parents — are not exactly that hard to please. Now you do not need to be creative if you want to get in this business, either. Medieval Knights Coloring Pack, a new product from Pixelcrafter, can help you set yourself up in the print-on-demand niche regardless of your level of skill.

This here is a package of 30 illustrations of knights from the Middle Ages. Each of these illustrations come with a PNG file with transparent backgrounds, dot-to-dot files, dot-to-dots with silhouettes, and SVG vector versions. Each of these files is in letter size (8.5″x11″) and they come with commercial license that lets you use these illustrations in your printable materials. The knight drawings are royalty-free as well, and you only need to pay $17 to own the entire package.

The Pixelcrafter team will launch Medieval Knights Coloring Pack this morning at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, and this is the extent of everything that we know about this product so far. We should be able to understand this product better once we are able to get our hands on it for our review. We will publish our full review on this very post soon after the launch has started, so if you want to know more about this product while it is cheap, bookmark this page and see this post again for our review.

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