Cyril Jeet’s MailEngine Briefly Reviewed

Manually sending emails to your list is not exactly the easiest task in the world. Especially if you are a beginner in the online marketing scene, you might have to do it manually. One might say that copy-pasting can make things a little bit easier, however, Gmail or other email platforms might start flagging it as spam, which is quite unfortunate considering that your list will never know about your email unless they check their spam. However, you no longer have to worry about such, thanks to Cyril Jeet’s new WordPress plug-in called MailEngine. You can start using his new product for only $37 – perfect for small businesses.

MailEngine will soon launch later this day, April 30, 2019, 11:00 EDT. This plug-in has both Gmail and Gsuite integration. It is completely beginner friendly and does not require any technical skills or knowledge to operate. This software supports unlimited mailing lists, unlimited SMTPs, and unlimited forms. With this software, you can send up to 500 emails daily with your Gmail account – 2000 if you have a Gsuite account. Since the amount of emails is capped at a certain amount daily, that means you do not have to worry about your emails or accounts getting flagged or banned, since this WordPress plug-in obeys Google’s Terms of Service. It also has a unique email spinner and URL spinner. The email spinner allows you to customize your emails so that it varies per person, while the URL spinner allows you to send a different URL per email. Even though the URL is different, a unique JavaScript will instantly redirect your customers to your landing page.

Cyril Jeet’s MailEngine is a very powerful tool perfect for beginners in the online marketing scene. If this product somehow piqued your interest, then remember to save this page by pressing the bookmark button on your browser. That way you can return after the product has gone live. By then we will be updating this post with our full and comprehensive review regarding this product.

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