Kerry Knoll’s M.A.S.: Real Estate Agents Edition Reviewed

Many people made big money in the real estate agency. There simply are huge commissions to earn and, if you own the property that you are selling, tons of profit. Now what more can improve the profit margins of real estate agents and entrepreneurs other than bringing their business to the wonderful world of the Internet? It will certainly increase their reach and broaden their audience, but it will not be easy for them, initially. If you are looking to lend them a hand in the Internet side of things and make money yourself, though, you might want to see this product from Kerry Knoll called M.A.S.: Real Estate Agents Edition.

This product is a package of micro-automated services products that you can use to automate social media marketing for your real estate clients. This includes the following: Local Social Posts Real Estate Agents Edition, Local Social Bots Real Estate Agents Edition, Local Social Newsletters Real Estate Agents Edition, and Local Social Billboards Real Estate Agents Edition. Each of these packages will come with software and social media assets, and this package will be available for $97.

M.A.S.: Real Estate Agents Edition is launching on Friday, June 5, 2020. The launch is slated to go live on that date at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. That is all that we have learned about the product at the moment, but soon after it launches, we will certainly update this post with complete information on this offer and a full review. If this interests you, simply add this post to your bookmarks and check it out again after the launch has gone live.

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