A Full Review of M.A.S.: Hair Salons Edition

Some people like their hair long, some like it short, some like it somewhere in between, and then there are others who like it out of the picture. As such, it is not strange for hair care services like hair salons to find demand, and many of these services these days are looking to co-opt the Internet into their business models. You can take advantage of this need to set up an offline marketing agency that caters to these businesses. Now if you are running out of ideas or do not know where to start, Kerry Knoll has a new product that can help you out. It is called M.A.S.: Hair Salons Edition, and it is launching today, March 27, 2020.

M. A. S. stands for micro automated services, and this basically means marketing niche offline services — hair salons in this case — on autopilot. The product will provide a full training course that will teach you how to post content on Facebook for your hair salon clients on autopilot, and you will not need to create original content for that matter. The product will come with over 180 social media images that you can queue for posting. All of these can be yours for $97.

M.A.S.: Hair Salons Edition will see launch this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We expect to know more about this product as soon as we can get our hands on it, and we will be sure to update this post with a full review of this offer soon after it is out. If this interests you, kindly bookmark this page and be sure to come back not long after the launch is out.

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