M.A.S.: Auto Shops Edition Reviewed

In spite of the mass business closures during this pandemic, many auto shops remain open. This is because vehicle service and repair businesses are practically branded essential services. It cannot be helped, however, that many of them struggle making a profit when everyone has to stay indoors to protect themselves. Many auto shops have thus turned to the Internet and social media to keep business coming in, and this is an opportunity for you to lend them a hand and make money at the same time. For that matter, you can certainly use this new product from Kerry Knoll called M.A.S.: Auto Shops Edition.

This product is a set of training courses for marketers who are looking to get into the auto shops niche. There are four modules in all, namely Local Social Posts Auto Shops Edition, where you will learn how to set up an automated Facebook content posting system; Local Social Bots Auto Shops Edition, which will teach you how to set up eight important bots for your auto shop business; Local Social Newsletters Auto Shops Edition where you will get to learn how to set up a monthly newsletter; and Local Social Billboards Auto Shops Edition, which will show you how to create attractive billboards for your clients. All of these will be available for the one-time price of $97 and will go live on May 8, 2020.

Soon after M.A.S.: Auto Shops Edition goes live today at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, we are going to add a complete review of the product to this very post. If you are itching to know more about this upcoming offer, we highly encourage you to just bookmark this post and check it out again shortly after the product’s launch has started.

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