LocalVid Reviewed: Worth It or Not?

Perhaps the best thing that you can say about video is the fact that it can easily deliver a ton of information quite efficiently. Rather than overloading only one of its viewer’s senses as audio, text, and images do, videos make sure that you both hear and see information, allowing for a better comprehension of what is being presented. In that regard, videos make for a great medium to promote practically anything, especially on the Internet. Creating marketing videos is no joke, though, but if you are an online marketing specialist looking to service local businesses and cater to their video marketing needs, ProVideoBox has a new solution to this called LocalVid.

Launching today, April 8, 2020, this new product is a package of marketing videos in 20 highly-profitable offline niches. There will be one video for each niche, and each video will come in two formats: a fully rendered MP4 file without the lower third and which you can edit using any video editor, and a PPTX version that you can edit in Microsoft PowerPoint (2013 or later versions) or similar presentation software. This product is going to cost $19 early into its launch, which is scheduled to go live this morning at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

We will add a full review of LocalVid to this post soon after the launch has gone live. Now if you are looking for more info on this product, just bookmark this page and remember to come back shortly after the launch has gone live.

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