Product Review: Local Video Mix

Local businesses make good clients for any digital marketing business. Marketing videos, in particular, make for a good source of income for offline marketers, and if you are looking to expand your local marketing business in this area, the folks at ProVideoBox has a new product that would certainly interest you. It’s called Local Video Mix, and it is going to launch soon.

As one can easily guess from the product’s name, this product is a package of local business marketing videos done in the whiteboard animation style. This video package includes 10 whiteboard videos and 10 square whiteboard videos for the following offline niches: accountancy, auto repair, fencing contractors, landscaping, locksmithing, moving, personal training, pest control, plumbing, and travel. There will be one regular video and one square vid for each niche, and you can customize all this by adding your brand and all through Microsoft PowerPoint. This brand new product will be available for $17, at least for the duration of this launch.

Local Video Mix is launching on September 11, 2019. That will be a day from the time of this writing, and the launch is scheduled to start by then at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We are surely are looking forward to this product’s launch, and if you are as excited about it as we are, please do bookmark this page and come back not long after the product is out. By then, we are adding our full review of the product to this very post.

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