Full Review of Local Video Jackpot

Have you ever heard of local video marketing? For those who have not, Local Video Marketing is literally what the name says – marketing with videos in order to attract customers or to sell commercial videos to companies. Most people think that being a local video marketer is hard because it needs special tech and software skills. However, with this new product going to be released today, 11:00 EDT, April 5, 2019 created by Trevor Carr and his colleagues Bobby Dolcee and Eric Hammer called Local Video Jackpot, you yourself can soon start a local video marketing business.

For the mere front-end cost of $9, you get a package that features a full over-the-shoulder training course as well as 10 “Done-for-you” ready to sell explainer videos. The training course will teach you the methods Eric Hammer used to be successful in the local video marketing industry, plus an exclusive trick where you can get local companies to beg to let them buy your services.

Explainer videos are quite hot in the market and businesses typically pay over hundreds of dollars for them. If you want to become a local video marketer and this product appeals to you, remember to bookmark this page before leaving, and if you want more information regarding this product, just return shortly after the product has launched.

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