Ranking Local Audio Profits: A Review

There are so many mediums through which we can promote pretty much anything on the Internet. Most commonly, many marketers do so via text, graphics, or video presentations. One alternative way to bring the spotlight to any offer that many seem to overlook, though, is through simple sound clips called audiograms. Audiograms are basically recorded soundbites through which you can quickly market any offer. If you are looking to take advantage of this form of promotion, though, you should check out this new product from Lee Cole called Local Audio Profits.

This product is launching today, September 14, 2020, and it is going to come live this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. It is a collection of done-for-you audiograms recorded for different niches. Each of these audiograms is made specifically to serve as a sort of public service announcement that can help businesses pull their customers back to their establishments after the CoViD-19 pandemic goes on its way. This, Lee claims, is a proven product that he and his team has been selling for quite a while now, and the package will come with a video tutorial to help you replicate their success. Furthermore, the whole thing will also come with a FAQ webinar featuring Lee himself and Shirley Hayes, a “mega-professional” in the radio industry.

Local Audio Profits will be available for $47. We will let you know if this is really worth this much in a review that we will add to this post soon after the launch is up. Bookmark this page if you want to check it out and come back after the product has launched.

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