Linkedin Funnel Program: Full Review

LinkedIn is something that we’d call Facebook with suits and ties. It is the leading social networking site for professionals in various fields. It is where people find work, professional connections, clients, and even casual friendships. Now if you’re not keeping track of then news, LinkedIn has been recently purchased by Microsoft, and to coincide with this event, Jonathan Oshevire will be hosting the LinkedIn “Get Clients” Summit, a. k. a. the Linkedin Funnel Program.

This summit will get you access to three digital launch insider magazines each day, modern and attractive LinkedIn profiles, 50 high-converting messages, and various information on stepping up your game in LinkedIn, including attracting clients, turning prospects into customers, and using bots. The basic cost of attending this summit is $197, and it will get you the Linkedtify Funnel Program that will show you how to drive traffic to your site via funnels and will come with a software that will help you put what you have learned to practice.

Linkedin Funnel Program is launching on August 26, 2019. The product is going to see release at 10:00 AM of that date. Now if you are looking to pass this summit but want to get a comprehensive recap of the events that transpired and what you can still avail of after the summit ended, just bookmark this page and return some time after the launch. We will update this article with a complete review of the summit and that of the products are involved.

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