LetsMail: New Autoresponder Reviewed

On the 15th of August 2020, at exactly 10:00 EDT, Mike From Maine and his partner Brett Rutecky will soon be launching LetsMail. The product is a new autoresponder that promises to break away from the old traditional autoresponders by increasing clicks and open rates. Autoresponders are a crucial part of any business that ventures into email marketing. Without it, business owners would have to spend countless hours in front of their computers having to manually send emails to their list. Plus, they would also have to reread those emails in case their customers have responded, which is very laborious.

Although traditional autoresponders take care of that specific workload, there are other things that you have to look out for, such as to avoid being banned, getting potential customers to click and read your email, etc. LetsMail not only takes care of those problems but also has simple yet powerful features that essentially do the job for you. Some of the product’s many features include easy setup, versatility to either send emails directly or through a relay, unrestricted list import, automatic list filtering, send from multiple addresses, send unlimited emails (both broadcasts and sequences), send formatted HTML messages, spam compliance, and unlimited opt-in forms. With its simple and easy-to-use user interface, all you have to do is just point and click. Plus, it also includes step-by-step video training if ever you are unfamiliar with the software. At only $37, this autoresponder definitely packs a whole lot of features for its price.

Grab LetsMail and gain an unfair advantage over other competitors in email marketing. Plus, the software ensures you will probably never violate a single term of service in any major email platform. If you wish to know more about the product, be sure to bookmark this page on your browser. We recommend you return a short while after the official product launch to read our full review of the product where we discuss it and its many features in full detail.

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