A Quick Review of Radu Hahaianu’s LeadX

Posting your ads on reputable websites is both very tough and very expensive. Even creating the ad in the first place is difficult enough. What if you could technically “hijack” a site so that you could display your own ad on it for free? Your ad can be on top of any website, including big sites like CNN, BBC, or even Wikipedia. Well, with Radu Hahaianu et al’s new software called LeadX, you now can.

LeadX will soon go live on April 12, 2019, at around 11:00 EDT. You can get your hands on this site “hijacking” software for only $17. This product has a very simple to use interface that even beginners can easily learn how to use it in minutes. It has different options for different kinds of ads, like text ads, video ads, form ads, etc. It also allows for full customizability, allowing you to make your own personalized ad within minutes.

How it works is very simple. First, you take any site, like CNN news for instance. Then you create a seed, which copies the entire website, but with your ad on it. You can then take this seed link and post in on social media for your friends. People who click on the link not only see the content they are looking for, but also your ad.

Radu Hahaianu et al’s LeadX is a very clever piece of software that allows you to put your ads on big websites without spending tons of money. If this product appeals to you, we highly recommend that you press the bookmark button on your browser in order to save this page. That way you can come back shortly after the product has launched, as we will be updating this page with more information regarding this product.

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