leadBeasts: Does it Deliver?

The online mobile industry is fast growing. Not many marketing sites are equipped with mobile compatibility, and that’s what brings them down a notch. People of today now prefer mobile over other platforms like Desktops, PC’s, etc., just because you can bring your phone anywhere with ease. We’ve seen mobile marketing platforms before, but this new mobile marketing platform developed by Banjo De Kings will change the game. This platform is called leadBeasts, and you can join in for only $37

This platform is set to launch later this day, April 10, 2019, at around 12:00 EDT. It is great for webmasters, bloggers, agencies, and much more – especially for affiliate marketers. It offers a lot for aspiring online marketers, like you, such as a one-time commission, periodic commission, recurring commission, lifetime cookie, instant payout, lifetime commission, Pay As You Go business model, recharge reminder, and evergreen income, where you get paid every time a customer recharges.

This is perfect for the mobile marketing industry. Not only does it give marketers like you a ton of benefits, it also makes everything easier for your customers. It features free shipping, cashback guarantee, one-time payment or monthly payment, and as mentioned earlier, the rare Pay As You Go business model. You will surely like this mobile marketing platform – the same way your referrals will love it.

LeadBeasts is indeed a very interesting mobile marketing platform. If this product with its rare Pay As You Go business model and all its other features appeals to you, remember to bookmark this page and return shortly after LeadBeasts has gone live. We will be updating this page with more information regarding this mobile marketing platform.

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