A Review of Lead Magneto Cloud-Based Software

One of the best ways to approach your audience is through email marketing. The tricky thing about email marketing, however, is that it is not guaranteed that your messages will end up in your contact’s inbox. Sometimes they end up in the spam folder or caught by the spam filter, assuming that you have sent it to the correct email address. Increasing the delivery rate is a rather tricky process, but Ninja Arsenals has a new product that should help you work your way through this, and it is called Lead Magneto.

This product is a digital voice mail system that aims to increase the delivery rate of your emails. It is cloud-based so it will not require any installation, all the maintenance work is taken care of, and it will only cost a one-time fee of $13. This software will come with five courses as a bonus, namely Bing Ads Mastery, How to Earn 10k a Month Sending Emails, How to Explode Your YouTube Channel, Proven Keys to Persuade, and Instagram Marketing.

The launch of Lead Magneto is scheduled to come live today, November 13, 2020, and it will kick off at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. No doubt, you would want to know more about this product, but hold your horses for the meantime as we are yet to see it launch. Soon after it does, however, we will add a very in-depth review of this new product to this post. It will come complete with the latest information on this offer, so bookmark this page if you want more info on this product and come visit again shortly after the launch has started.

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