A Comprehensive Review of Lead Factory

Offline marketing is a highly profitable business. So many local enterprises simply are looking to embrace the advantages of going online, and they are more than willing to pay marketers and consultants to help them in that regard. If you want to cater to these offline businesses, you would certainly want a good strategy to follow. The Offline Sharks, a team of Internet marketers Tom Gaddis, Nick Ponte, Cameron Roat, and Brian Anderson, are going to launch a brand new information product that can help you out. This offer of theirs is called Lead Factory, and its launch will soon go live.

This product is a course that will teach you a complete email marketing system that targets local businesses. This system works on most niches, and the course will come with email marketing templates to make the outreach work a lot easier for you. The product’s creators make a rather bold claim that it will not require a list, Internet marketing experience, and a website.

Lead Factory will see launch today, February 21, 2020. The launch will be coming live this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, and by then, it will be available for the price of $27. Is it worth this much, though? You will know whether or not this is the case soon in a review that we are going to add to this post right after the launch goes live. If you are interested in our review, be sure to add this post to your bookmarks and then come back once the product has launched.

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