A Full Review of Lead App

If you are looking to start your own business on the Internet, online marketer Chad Nicely has an upcoming offer that you might find yourself interested in. It’s all about effectively generating leads, and this new product is called Lead App.

This product is touted as a complete biz-in-a-box. That is, it is a full-fledged online business that you will only need to set up and immediately make yourself some money. At the core of this lead generation system is a complete marketing platform that will come with everything that you will need to generate leads and send them on their way to a conversion funnel. This includes responsive surveys, integration for lead ads, a page builder, an appointment system, lead bank, dynamic tagging, and a whole lot more. The basic version of this product will be available for $67, but you can avail of it for $47 if you purchase it early in this launch.

Chad will launch Lead App on August 16, 2019, which is no more than 10 days from the time of this writing. On that date, the launch is scheduled to go live at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Now we are going to gather as much information as we can find on this product as we await this launch, and we sure will keep you posted through updates in this post. We will also add a full review of the offer to this article shortly after its launch goes live, so if you want to keep yourself posted or check out our review, just bookmark this page and return some time after the product is out.

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