Review: A Quick Look at [LCB] Gnome Pack

While some kids these days use various gadgets to entertain themselves, many still enjoy simple activity materials such as coloring books. These are known in the digital product creation scene as low content books or LCBs, and they are perhaps the easiest product that you can put together and make a quick buck from. A new product on this niche is set to launch on March 5, 2020, at exactly 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. This product is from Huw Hughes and it is called [LCB] Gnome Pack.

This product package is a ready-made graphics pack which includes 30 high-quality gnome and gnome-themed designs in SVG and PNG format. This entire package comes with commercial rights. This product has pretty much everything you need to create your very own coloring book package. Now if you are a self-publisher looking to create your own series of gnome-themed coloring or activity books, you can certainly make full use of this product. Thanks to the commercial rights included, you can also use it to publish printed materials or sell digital copies and earn a bigger profit. That is what you will be getting for the one-time investment of $17.

If you like [LCB] Gnome Pack and wish to know more about it, we encourage you to bookmark this page and come back after the product has launched. We are going to add a comprehensive review of the product to this post shortly after then.

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