Review: Kindle Boss

Amazon’s Kindle is one of the most popular publishing platform for e-books and similar digital media.It also helps that Amazon itself is a publishing and retail giant, lending its massive network and intelligent algorithms to publishers looking to make money selling e-books via kindle. If you are looking to make the most of the e-commerce giant’s e-book publishing platform, though, you will need to have a good strategy on hand. Such is what Sasha Ilic is offering with his latest product Kindle Boss.

This product is a system that will be taught in a series of no less than ten video training modules. In this training course, you will learn of a method that will help you make it big in Amazon Kindle, and is written by an experienced, triple best seller. The training will also include some of Sasha’s older systems, as well as tools, supplemental PDF material, and other unspecified video aids. This training package will be available on this launch for the price of $9.95, and this price tag is set to go up to $12.45 over the course of this launch.

Kindle Boss is going to launch on February 2, 2019. We will be seeing the launch of this upcoming product go live on that date at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Once the product is out, we recommend that you bookmark this page and come back shortly after the launch comes live. By then, we will have this page updated with new information on the product and a complete, detailed review.

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