Kayol Hope Exclusive V.I.P Membership: A Review

Private label rights packages make for a good way to kick start any business, and Kayol Hope will soon be offering not one or two but an entire library of PLR products that keeps growing every month. This will be made possible soon in his upcoming offer, Kayol Hope Exclusive V.I.P Membership.

So what are you getting from this membership? For starters, you will get exclusive access to high quality and completely original private label rights products, and a new one will be rolled out every month. The PLR license allows for a wide range of things to do with the content: you can split them into articles, convert them to a different format, add their content to your own e-books or reports, use them as incentives for your customers, or simply resell them like usual and keep all the profits for yourself. Membership will be available in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Bronze level membership is basically a 14-day trial that will cost only $1, while Silver, Gold, and Platinum members get to pay a monthly fee of $4.95, $9.95, and $19.95, respectively.

Kayol Hope Exclusive V.I.P Membership is launching on January 1, 2019. It will go live by then at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you are interested in this new product and you want to know more about it before you make a purchase, just bookmark this page and return after the launch. By then, we will update this post with a full review as well as any new information that we will learn about this product as we wait for it’s launch to go live.

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