A Quick Review of Kartel

Generating traffic is not easy, but it does not have to be hard, either. There are many tools that will help you accomplish just this, and one of the most recent ones that has caught our interest so far is this new product from Internet marketer and product creator Jono Armstrong which he calls Kartel. This product is set to launch really soon, but just how well does it work?

This brand new product finds untapped channels that can be monetized and on which you can possibly tack your advertisements on. The software is written such that it seeks channels with high quality organic traffic, the sort of web traffic that will provide you with a good click rate and an equally nice income. The software can also create static pages where you can upload your webinars in; you can then have the traffic directed to this page sold to a high ticket offer, and this is expected to earn you no less than $500. This sure is a promising product, and it will, for this launch, cost $13.

Kartel will be seeing launch next week on July 30, 2019. This product is scheduled to come live by then at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Now if you are eager to know more about this upcoming product, be sure to bookmark this page for easier access and return to this page shortly after the product has launched. We are going to update this post with a full review of the product soon after it is out.

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