Review: Insurance Video MEGA Pack

The folks at Pro Video Box are known for high quality video products in the past, and this time, they are about to launch a new product. Of course, as is usual, it is all going to be about videos for marketing purposes. This new product of theirs, Insurance Video MEGA Pack, is aimed at insurance agents, and it sure is not going to take long before we see its launch go live.

This product is a large package of video ads created specifically for insurance agents. The ads are designed to help these brokers bring their presence to the online insurance market and grow the reach of their businesses as a result. These ads are completely customizable as well, and you don’t really need any fancy video editing software to edit these ads. The source files can be easily edited in PowerPoint, and even then, all that you will ever need to do is update the product information slides. This video package costs $24 for this launch, and it will include 20 widescreen videos at 16:9 aspect ratio and 20 square videos.

Now the launch of Insurance Video MEGA Pack is slated to go live tomorrow, January 17, 2020. The launch will start at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on that date, soon after which we will update this post with a complete review. If you want to check out our product review before you decide to make your purchase, do be sure to bookmark this page and just return to this post shortly after the launch goes online.

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