A Thorough Review of InstantBiz

On May 15, 2019, at around 11:00 EDT, a brand new product will be launched. Online marketers want, let me rephrase that, need a beautiful site for their own business. Unfortunately, some beginners in the online business world do not know how to create their own sites, let alone design them. They end up spending hundreds of dollars on freelancers just to have a gorgeously designed website. Well, you no longer have to waste time nor effort on the date above, as on that date, Radu Hahainu, Thanga, and Luan Henrique will be releasing their brand new product called InstantBiz.

InstantBiz a powerful and revolutionary cloud-based application that can create stunning sites, pages, opt-in forms, and pop ups. This product comes with premade templates that you can use for your pages or websites. You could also just easily customize those templates with the “insert block” feature that allows you to add items to your site easily. However, if none of the templates suits your style, the product also allows you to create our own website from scratch.

Aside from the basic features above, the software also features Beacon and Geofence Technology that allows you or your local clients’ businesses to explode. Not only that, but the software takes care of hosting itself, meaning you only need to create and share your site or page within the app. The product also includes a commercial license, meaning you can build and sell sites to people or build sites for your clients.

You can start creating (and selling) your very own stunning websites with InstantBiz for the front-end price of only $23, a small price considering that you yourself can charge hundreds of dollars for a single website you create. We will soon be updating this post with more information and details regarding this product. If you wish to know more, then simply bookmark this page on your browser, so you can easily navigate your way back here once the product has launched.

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