A Brief Review of Instant Spokesperson Dental Marketing Videos

The launch of Instant Spokesperson Dental Marketing Videos is an event that should not be missed, especially if you are interested in a great product to jump on because it has proven quality and support. This solution is brought to you by Ray Lane, and you can grab a copy when it launches on the 13th of March 2019 at 11:00 Eastern Daylight Time. The cost of the front-end is only $29.

Instant Spokesperson Dental Marketing Videos are a set of pre-made local niche videos for marketers to sell to their offline clients. Each video features a professional actor that reads the script for the video and a script that is proven to convert. Each video also contains professionally shot b-roll or cutaway images and video to support the subject. You also do not have to worry about branding the videos because each video leaves room for the marketer to brand. If you invest in this solution, you can expect that each video comes in three versions.

One with music, one without music, and the raw green screen version to modify further. These videos have been used successfully and had hundreds of testers for over 6 months. What is being offered here is just volume 1, but there are already have enough videos to do 12 volumes and new ones are being made every month. Videos can result in higher conversion rates, but you do not have to invest in expensive software or hire a graphic designer for video creation. Kindly bookmark this post because we will acquire access for review and look for other features that you might find interesting. Check back with us soon to see what we find out.

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