Influencers Hub: A Full Review

In spite of all the doomsday news, the influencer culture is alive and well, and it remains a driving force to, well, influencing consumers’ decision-making. Now one thing about influencers that Internet marketers will be interested in—besides being one, of course—is the fact that influencers can help drive traffic to their offers. Jai Sharma and Victory Akpos has a new software product that will help you do just that. This new software will launch really soon, and it’s called Influencers Hub. 

This product is a software tool that practically gets you traffic through coordination with Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube influencers, and it can work in practically any niche. It basically takes a brute force approach to email outreach: it finds you thousands of influencers from the aforementioned sites, sends emails based on proven templates in bulk to these influencers, and creates the appropriate campaigns complete with track system and analytics provided by Facebook Pixels and good old Google Analytics. This product sounds quite promising, and it will be available for $47 if you grab it early in its launch, or $97 if you decide to wait the whole thing out. 

Influencers Hub is going to be launched soon, and its launch should go live on Saturday, October 5, 2019, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. If you want to know more about this new product, be sure to have this page bookmarked and then just come back to this post soon after the product’s launch has started. We are going to add the latest information on the product to this post as well as a full-fledged review by then

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