Here’s a Comprehensive Review of Infinitunes

Creating an engaging video does not end in simply putting together nicely shot footages and eye-catching effects. Another important aspect of a video is its audio track, and adding one to your video is not as easy as it sounds. You can not just slap a song on your video and call it a day, especially since big publishers are growing increasingly assertive over copyright and can go as far as blocking any piece of content that uses their proprietary audio. Using a good royalty-free audio track is the way to go in this regard, and Infinitunes, a new product from Brad Stephens and his team, should help you out in this regard.

To be launched on this date, September 24, 2020, this product is an AI platform that actually creates completely original audio tracks for any video. It negates the need to scour the web of high-quality royalty-free music and still risk the wrath of publishers over mere similarities. It is the first of its kind and, for the one-time price of $37, this tool eliminates the headache of finding and spending money to acquire restrictive licenses for audio that you will be using for any purpose.

Infinitunes will see launch this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We sure are looking forward to this product and we will be updating this page with its full review soon after the launch kicks off. That said, bookmark this page if you need to know more about this product as well as the latest information on this launch.

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