A Comprehensive Review of IM Checklist Volume 36

If you have been following our little blog for quite a bit now, or if you have been hanging around Muncheye often, you may have heard of the IM Checklist series from online entrepreneur and Internet marketer Kevin Fahey. Of course, you can tell that his products are offering legitimate information based on the fact that he is an online marketer himself. Now, if you are looking forward to the latest product in this series, you are in luck. Today is the day that a new IM Checklist — IM Checklist Volume 36 — will see the light of day.

This new volume in the IM Checklist series is all about podcasting, and it comes with 18 checklists for that matter. These cover everything that has to do with podcasting from brainstorming for podcast ideas to choosing the best monetization options for your podcast. These checklists come in five formats, all with private label rights that lets you resell the product as your own. It will launch today, December 1, 2020, and it will initially cost $17.

IM Checklist Volume 36 will be out at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, and we will not take long to get our hands on the product as soon as it is released. We will then update this piece with a full review not long after, so if this brand new offer intrigues you in one way or another, here is what you can do: bookmark this page and come drop by again shortly after the launch kicks off for what could be our most comprehensive review.

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