Review: IM Checklist V23

If you’ve been around the product launch scene long enough, you might be familiar with Kevin Fahey’s hit product series IM Checklist. We have seen 22 such checklists so far and it’s easy for us to say that Kevin has been consistent in delivering a high quality product. Not long from now, though, he will be releasing the 23rd iteration of his product, a release aptly called IM Checklist V23, but will he deliver as he did in his previous launches?

This new version of IM Checklist is comprised of 18 check lists centering primarily on Google Ads. Its information covers a huge range of topics that will help you thoroughly audit your Google ads campaign. This includes the dos and don’ts of advertising in Google, scheduling your ads, grabbing your audience’s attention, optimizing the costs, the tools that you will need to use, and a whole lot more; in general, it provides you with everything that you need to know about the best possible Google advertising practices. This product will be available in five formats and it will have private label rights, meaning that you can sell this package for a profit if you’re not using it for your own business. It helps that it will only cost $17 for this launch, although this price tag is set to increase to $19.95 as the launch makes progress.

IM Checklist V23 is coming live on November 1, 2019, at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. If you are interested in this new product, just bookmark this page and check out this post again right after the launch starts, as we will be updating this post with a full review.

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