Icon Designer: A Detailed Software Review

One in every two persons in the world owns a smartphone and uses apps for all sorts of purposes. The app market thrives and has been continuously growing for this very reason, and this industry, in turn, gave rise to an entire eco-system of niche markets to fuel its demands. The graphic design services niche is one such market, and you might want to get a slice of the money-making action by offering a design service that not many businesses are dedicated to. One such offering is icon creation, and you might find yourself interested in this new product from Dugald called Icon Designer.

This new product is an icon-creation software, plain and simple, and it will launch today, March 23, 2020. It will make the creation of icons for all sorts of purposes a lot easier, and it surely will not require any creative skill in your part. This software uses a variety of templates to do its job, and all you need to do is customize the templates to your lik8ng using the software’s easy-to-use interface. The Basic version of this product can be yours for the price of $22.50, while the Premium, more feature-packed version will cost $32.50.

Dugald is scheduled to launch Icon Designer later this afternoon at 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. We will see to it that this review is updated with more information on this product right after the launch kicks off; if you are looking to learn more about this new offer, we recommend that you bookmark this post and then return right after this product is out.

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