Mike Filsaine’s GroovePages 2.0: Thorough Review

Website builders like Wix or WordPress allows you to create websites fast and easy. These website builders are ok in general, but they lack some features needed for making your site fast, responsive, and beautiful. Sure there are plugins, but they are hard to use or solve only one specific problem. It would be the dream to get your hands on a website builder that solves all problems but is not too complex. Well with Mike Filasine’s new GroovePages 2.0, that dream might just become reality.

GroovePages 2.0 is a site builder that has all the features you need to make gorgeous websites in complete ease. Plus, it covers everything you need in a site builder. This website builder is capable of making landing pages, websites, and even funnels. It is completely SEO and mobile friendly, making your site reach not only people on desktops, but also on mobile. Building the website itself is also very user-friendly with its drag and drop interface. However, the software is still in development, and the developers need your help. If you back this project right now for $497, you get lifetime access to this software and unlimited access to all its features (plus free, unlimited hosting). The total worth for a software like this is valued to be around $3,500.

You can support GroovePages 2.0 only up to June 16, 2019, 11:00 EDT. And, only a select amount of backers will get unlimited access, so you better act fast if you want to get your hands on the soon most powerful website builder. This product sure does interests us a lot, and if it interests you to, then we advise you to save this page. We will soon be updating this post with more information regarding the product shortly after the product has officially launched so be sure to come back here soon.

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