A Detailed and In-Depth Review of the GIG Prospector Software

On the first week of the next month, specifically on June 5, 2013 at 12:00 AM EDT, the GIG Prospector Software will be released. This is the latest a product of Internet marketer Sam England, author of successful products like Holiday Goldmine and Platinum Mini Money Sites.

The GIG Prospector Software is touted as a product meant for everyone. “Everyone” here means every person who needs to outsource tasks online. It is basically a search engine that finds people who can offer specified services on Fiverr. It runs on Adobe Air so it doesn’t take operating systems into account so long as Air is installed.

This product is yet to be released but we have watched the demo video, so we can give you our first impressions of this product. We love just how simple the Prospector’s interface is: we get a search toolbar, dropdown list boxes to sort out the results, and a huge pane that shows the results plus all the necessary details, like names and star ratings. Searching and finding what you really need is very easy, and you can bookmark results that interest you.

We can’t tell as yet how well the product works though, as we haven’t personally tried it yet. However, we will be looking forward to its launch so we can try it out and make a comprehensive assessment that we will add to this post as a full review.

As we wait for the launch, you might want to bookmark this post so as to keep track of the updates that will come up now and then. It’s still a while before launch, so we might be seeing product updates, new information, and bonuses until then.


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