A Quick, Honest Review of Geminii

Email marketing is a very effective way to directly reach out to your audience in an effort to pitch them your latest offers. Like with everything else that has to do with the word marketing, you will need a comprehensive strategy to maximize the potential of the email and get real results. You will also need good tools to automate certain processes of email marketing and make life a lot easier for you. Such tools are what Jono Armstrong, Zeeshan Ahmed, and Vipul Garg will be offering in their upcoming software offer Geminii.

This product is touted as three Internet marketing tools rolled into a single product. These tools include a cloud-based autoresponder that can help you build a solid email marketing campaign; an email marketing toolbox composed of timers, scarcity tools and calls to action, to name a few, that are designed to give your click rates a boost; and a fully-hosted squeeze page builder that comes with two customizable templates. Each tool comes with a corresponding training by Zeeshan, and a tutorial by Jono will show you how to drive traffic using Bing adverts. This entire package will be available for $27.95.

Geminii is going to be launched on this day, June 1, 2020. The launch will go live in a few hours at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We will be learning more about this product soon, and we will certainly share to you what we know of this product in a review that we will add to this post shortly after the launch goes live. Bookmark this page and be sure to be around by then if you want to check out our review.

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