A Thorough Review of FXFunnel

Building funnels require a lot of thought, especially since a funnel’s goal is to maximize conversion and sales. Misan Morrison has a new product that aims to help you build your funnels smartly. It will be out soon, and it’s called FXFunnel.

This product is touted as something that goes beyond the functions of a simple funnel builder, of which we have seen many recently. It is cloud-based and has smart features that add in mass appeal to the equation; it practically simulates your funnel, work on the necessary calculations, and predict just how much money your funnel is going to earn, all before your funnel is even built. This product also comes with a unique URL membership page protection technology that effectively safeguards your members’ login details. This feature locks the user in a single device, requiring them to ask your permission when they attempt to login elsewhere. The basic version of the product is priced at $67, and we certainly have high hopes that this offer will deliver.

FXFunnel is going to see its launch begin on August 27, 2019, and this event is set to go live by then at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Now if you are looking forward to this launch and would like to know more about this upcoming offer, we highly recommend that you bookmark this page and be sure to return shortly after the launch has gone live. Soon after the launch is up, we will update this page with a full review as well as the latest information that we can get our hands on.

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