Review: FreshMails

Sending out emails to your list and actually getting read by your contacts is pretty much a hit-or-miss strategy. Sometimes, the email goes to spam, and more often than not, they end up getting ignored. Now Now Ankit Mehta and Saaransh has a new product that aims to increase clicks and sales. It’s called FreshMails, and it will be out soon.

This product is a tool that allows you to do what Ankit describes as a “Gmail hack” that will give your sales and clicks three times the boost through smartly written and powerful emails. It converts even the simplest emails into promo emails that are tailored for the people in your list, highlighting deals and discounts, and then taking over the top spot in your receiver’s inbox by virtue of the fact that it is a promotional email. Furthermore, it works with any autoresponders and, if you are going to write emails from scratch, includes ten templates for ten different niches. This product will be out really soon, and it will be yours for the price that starts at $47 for this launch. The price tag is set to gradually go up to $97 as the launch progresses, however.

Ankit and team will launch FreshMails on February 24, 2019, and it this launch is going to start on that date at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. This product sure caught or interest, and if it piques yours all the same, we recommend that you hit the bookmark button of your browser before leaving this page, and then return soon after the launch is up. We are updating this post by then with a full review of this product son after it is out.

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