Is Free Social Proof Worth Your Money? A Review

If you are struggling to find a proper method to introduce your business to potential clients, you might want to check out this four-day weekend launch that will start at 10:00 AM of January 17, 2020 and will end at 11:59 PM of January 20, 2020 EST. This launch will present a new product that can help you boost your business, and this is Barry Rodgers’ Free Social Proof; a new product with a seven-video training package, which shows how you can increase the number of conversions on your squeeze pages and sales pages by displaying proof notifications, without any further cost to you.

Social platforms are expensive. The cheapest one would cost over a hundred dollars for more than one domain and that would have to be paid per year. However, with the help of this product, which you can avail at the very low price of $8, you can still experience the increase in conversions from social notifications for free. This product provides you with a free tool and it will also show you how to set it all up properly. Moreover, it will teach you how to make the most of another free tool to further give your conversions a boost once the subscribers are added through the API or are using JavaScript forms.

If you are already interested with Free Social Proof, feel free to bookmark this post and don’t forget to check it back as we will be writing a full review about this product right after its launched. We will also make available further information about this product and launch, so it is best for you to check it out as well.

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