A Quick Review of EZ Magic Video

Getting someone to speak for your videos is not easy. You cannot just tell someone that they should be in front of your camera ready to be seen by thousands online as they explain your service or product without them feeling alright about it. One option is to utilize TTS (Text to Speech), but TTS is extremely robotic and ineffective. What if you can take a real human spokesperson and direct them what they will say yourself all in just software? Well now you definitely can, with Matt Bush’s brand-new product called EZ Magic Video.

If you are thinking that this is another piece of software that generates animated characters that claims to have lifelike voices, then you are wrong. EZ Magic Video allows you to have your very own professional spokespersons on demand. With those spokespersons, you can easily build your own video scripts line by line by choosing from thousands of different options. The software features 5 different spokespersons, each with their different voices and different lines. With thousands of pre-recorded lines, you could easily customize what the spokesperson is saying by just selecting from the options the software presents. It also allows background customization, music, and even the addition of your own intro and outro. The software also allows you to present your spokesperson in 4 different styles. Plus, it is an entirely cloud-based application, meaning you can instantly gain access to this software whenever you want. You can get this software product for a generously low price of only $17.

EZ Magic Video will soon launch on the 17th of July 2019, at exactly 11:00 EDT. This software allows you to gain full control over your marketing videos by selecting your own spokesperson and customizing what they say. If this product interests you, we recommend you to hit that bookmark button right now. We will be posting an updated review with more information about this product, available for public reading shortly after the product has launched.

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