Extempore: Is it an Effective Solution to Public Speaking?

At last, to all introverts out there or people who hate public speaking, Karthik Ramani will soon be releasing his brand new software product called Extempore. Although humans are social creatures, some or maybe even most of us just cannot speak in front of a crowd. It is a daunting prospect, especially if you are required to speak impromptu or to memorize your speech beforehand. Only a very few select individuals have the gift to actually successfully deliver a public speech. This is where the software mentioned above will come in – as a bridge between a shy speaker and the crowd which he/she faces. This product will soon be released on May 22, 2019, at exactly 11:00 EDT.

Extempore is a mobile app that acts as a teleprompter. Teleprompters today are very expensive, costing at hundreds or even thousands of dollars apiece. If you have no idea what a teleprompter is, it is basically a script that you can read and acts as a guide for public speaking so you do not forget what you are supposed to say. Many people use this so that they do not get lost in their speech or lose momentum when they are thinking of something. Even those who are adept in public speaking may use a teleprompter so that they can have an idea of what is the general direction and subject of their speech.

That is what this brand new mobile app can do. Extempore turns your phone into a personal teleprompter so you no longer have to memorize speeches or speak impromptu. The mobile app does not need any technical or software skills to operate and is very simple and easy to use. Thanks to this, you can save a lot of time editing and memorizing your speech and know exactly what to say without any mistakes.

Say goodbye to memorized and impromptu speeches and start rocking your public speeches by purchasing this mobile app for only $37. However, we will still be looking into Extempore to get a better understanding of its works as well as its features and will be updating this post soon after the product has launched. If this product has piqued your interest then save this page by bookmarking it in your browser.

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