Should You Avail of Explaindio BLACK FRIDAY 2020? A Review

As can be expected with Black Friday, we find the Internet drowning in a deluge of sales and bargain deals. You best have your wallet ready for an end-of-the-week spending spree, but if you are on the lookout for bargain products in the video marketing niche, you are in luck. The ever-popular explainer video creation tool Explaindio has relaunched at a very affordable price today, November 27, 2020. This launch is called Explaindio BLACK FRIDAY 2020, and it is perhaps the biggest launch this week from Andrew Darius and his team.

Explaindio has been around for quite a while, and it is one of the best explainer video creation software out there. It lets you create any video from simple animated explainers to beautiful whiteboard videos. It comes loaded with templates and video assets that really help make video creation so easy for the average video marketer. We liked this tool when it first launched and we loved how it works in its present, up-to-date state. The easy-to-use interface and all the new assets simply scream five out of five stars.

Explaindio BLACK FRIDAY 2020 went live at 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time. Now, no need to worry about missing out early bird prices here, as its price tag remains at $17 and is not expected to go up for the rest of this launch. Now, we are going to keep you posted with this Black Friday deal on this very post, so if you want to keep yourself updated with this bargain launch, we recommend that you bookmark this page and come check back often for the most recent news on this launch.

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