A Thorough Review of Engagermate

Luke Maguire has developed a new piece of software that will revolutionize online marketing in Instagram, and it is called Engagermate. This product will soon make be available online on the 1st of May, 2019, at around 9:00 EDT. Having to like and follow potential customers for your business is an extremely tiresome task. Not only do you have to spend so much time facing your laptop or computer, but you also have to manually filter users based on their interests, location, hashtags, etc. However, what if you can automate the process?

That is exactly what Engagermate does, and you can get your hands on this product for the front-end price of $47. What is worth noting is that for that price, you get all the features of the product, no upsells or OTO’s. This product allows you to set your account to automatically like photos or posts with specific hashtags. It also allows you to automatically follow users with certain hashtags or follow users who have recently followed someone else. This means that not only do you grab your potential customer’s interest, but also literally engage with them, which usually results in a follow back, which leads to more people being aware about you and your business.

Engagermate comes with a very simple to use user interface. You can easily set who you automatically follow or like based on the user’s hashtag or location. Another cool feature about this software is that you can also automatically unfollow users who have not followed you back within a certain span of time. You can also set so that you can like your follower’s recent posts or photos. You could also send a welcome message to anyone who has just followed your page. Another notable feature about this software is that you can set who you do not want to automatically unfollow.

Luke Maguire’s Engagermate is a game-changing piece of software that will help you gain more followers on Instagram and help you get more potential customers for your business or service. If this product appeals to you, then click the bookmark button in your browser. That way you can easily return to this page shortly after the product has gone live. We will be purchasing a copy of this product for ourselves and will soon be updating this post with more information regarding this product after its release.

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