Review: Is EazyAds Local Worth Your $27?

In spite of ad blockers and banner blindness, web advertising remains one of the best ways to target your intended audience. The challenge to web advertising, however, is the creation of an attention-grabbing ad and getting your audience to see it in its full glory. This sure is no easy task and, often, you would end up running to expensive graphic designers for this one. Tony Earp will be launching his own solution to this soon. This product is called EazyAds Local, and it will launch on this very date, March 4, 2020.

Tony’s latest offer is a product that will help you quickly create attractive ads. It is, basically, a huge package of advertisement designs created especially for the web and social media. They all feature eye-catching aesthetics which make for very engaging designs. What is more is that these ads are made with lead generation and conversions in mind, so expect engagement-inducing elements that go beyond pretty visuals. Now you will not need fancy editing software to update these ads to your liking, as these are all made in Powerpoint and they come with PPT files that you can easily edit in the said software or its freeware alternatives. This sure is a huge product, and at $27, this is quite a steal.

EazyAds Local is slated to launch later this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you wish to know more about this new ad creation product, just add this post to your bookmarks for easier access, and then check out this article again once the launch is live. We will update this piece by then with our complete review.

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