Review: Is DFY Dinosaur Coloring Book Worth Getting?

The little girls and little boys that we are way back in the day have found ourselves fascinated, one way or another, by dinosaurs. These giants of the Mesozoic Era have caught the wonder of young and old alike, and they have become a staple to the fantasies of many young children in recent decades, thanks to films like Jurassic Park and Land Before Time. Dinosaurs have certainly graced pretty much every single medium out there, and coloring books are no exception. Today, August 18, 2020, Rustam Sandegi will launch his own take on dino-themed coloring materials with his new product DFY Dinosaur Coloring Book.

This new product is a coloring book package featuring various dinosaurs drawn with a cartoony aesthetic. The package will include 50 of these adorable reptiles that anyone can use to create their very own dinosaur-themed coloring book. This takes advantage of the fact that there is a niche demand for such coloring books in Amazon. These done-for-you dino character illustrations simply make the process of creating your coloring book quite effortless and lets you skip to publishing it. Launching this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, this package can be yours for $14.

We are surely looking forward to the launch of DFY Dinosaur Coloring Book, and we are going to update this post with a quick review of the product soon after it is released. If you want to check it out, we encourage you to bookmark this page and remember to come back shortly after the launch kicks off.

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