Here’s What You Get in DFY Bonus Suite

True internet marketers understand the importance of traffic. Traffic is imperative to run a business online. In fact, it can be considered the lifeblood of an online business. However, they also know how crucial it is to convert their traffic into buyers or clients. For beginners, putting these two processes together can get confusing and complicated. Well, all that is about to change on the 3rd of August, 2020, once Chris Derenberger launches his brand-new product called DFY Bonus Suite.

Once out, the product is available for purchase for the front-end price of only $17. People love bonuses. Just hearing or even seeing the word “bonus” is enough to invoke a reaction from the viewer. DFY Bonus Suite features a very powerful technique to increase conversion rates through its many features. Basically, the product allows you to create fully customized bonus pages and send all your traffic to your own bonus pages, which can improve conversion rates by a large margin. The product features four professionally-designed bonus pages for WordPress, easy editing with Elementor, integrated count-down timers, buttons, etc., easy add and replace images or videos, and the ability to import the entire theme to your WordPress website easily. If you have no clue what to do, the product’s high-quality training videos will help you get set up without any hassles.

Increase conversions and therefore get a whole lot more profit with DFY Bonus Suite and its many features. The combination of the main product and the training videos can essentially help anybody, even newbies, get up and running without problems. If you are curious about the product, we recommend you bookmark this page and save it for later. After the official product launch, we will be working on an article talking about the product in full detail. As such, simply return to this site after the official product launch if you want to read that.

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