Rishy’s Descripto: Reviewed

For all the authors out there, Rishy is going to be releasing a new product called Descripto. For some, a book’s content is the most important part of a book. For others, it is the book’s cover that makes an impact. But for some people, a book’s description is what is most important. Authors spend so much time writing the book itself and designing its cover but fail to make a compelling description for their book. In the end, the entire thing falls apart, because the description is lousy and so buyers assume the book is the same as well. Think of the description as a book’s sales page.

Descripto will officially be hitting the digital market shelves on the 10th of July at 10 o’clock sharp. It is a piece of software tailored towards making great book descriptions on autopilot. The software features: the ability to harvest unlimited descriptions from eBooks or paperback sections of Amazon Kindle, ability to choose how many pages deep user wants description for, ability to visit author profile or book description, title, sales rank, and author displayed alongside descriptions, ability to save all descriptions to a .CSV file, and the ability to view descriptions in a list box or view actual HTML used by the authors.

The case is officially settled. Every part of the book is important and relevant to a buyer, therefore “don’t judge a book by its cover” is both technically true and false. After all, a person might also “judge” a book’s description and content before purchasing. Get Descripto and step up your game by making compelling descriptions that pull in customers. Stay in the loop with us by saving this page on your browser. We will be posting an updated post with more information which will be available for reading shortly after the product’s official launch.

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